TKK 3 PENABUR won the second winner of Dancing Competition at Walikota Jakarta Timur

On the last thursday, 10 October 2019, the students of TKK 3 PENABUR took part in the dance competition at Walikota Jakarta Timur. All the schools in Jakarta Timur from TK to SMA joined this event: Apresiasi dan Kompetisi Seni Bagi Pelajar TK, SD, SMP, SLTA Tahun 2019 Tingkat Kota Administrasi Jakarta Timur. There were 15 contestants from different kindergarten school in Jakarta Timur to perform in this competition. A few days before the competition some of the students of TKK 3 PENABUR were not well enough to do the rehearsal. However, praise The Lord, all of the participants were able to perform on the day of the competition. We are all very proud of them, they are: Annora, Abigail, Shallomitha, Fransiska, Richelle, Olivia, Arkin, Eleanor, Kana, dan Manuella, because they have done their best and finally got the second winner of this competititon.  TKK 3 PENABUR would like to give our appreciation to all the parents and students who always give their support. Y3S B3ST Y3S!

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