PENABUR Primary Kelapa Gading once established in the academic year of 2007 – 2008 and expanded rapidly in recent years to now include about 583 students. The setting provides modern classrooms and a stimulating attractive technology implementation programme in teaching and learning activities. Students achieve consistently high outcomes across the curriculum. Teaching programmes are developed to cater for individual differences with challenges offered and specific interventions planned to provide the opportunity for all students to reach their potential in academic and/or non academic.

There is a clear commitment on the part of staff to work in partnership with parents to actively teach and support the development of strong social skills and appropriate behaviour patterns in students. Student leadership is valued and a variety of opportunities are provided to develop this. Survey results consistently indicate a very high level of student staff and parents satisfaction. The parents community is extremely supportive and maintains high expectations for their childfen and the school. All these elements combine to create a supportive cohesive and energetic learning community.

PENABUR Primary Kelapa gading works in partnership with families and churches by offering a Christ-centered education, which encourages the fullest possible development of the spiritual, academic, physical and social characteristics of each child. The school achieves its mission by offering a comprehensive academic program delivered in a climate of strong Christian values supported by effective Character Programmes.

PENABUR Primary Kelapa Gading is designed to meet the needs of leading students implementing cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Curriculum and National Curriculum. The teaching -learning process enables students to be more independent, and self-confident-ready to continue their studies in all major English-speaking universities throughout the world. Not only intracurricular that matters, we also design our extra-curricular programmes to support their development to the fullest. Some events managed by our school have proved that the collaboration between Intra and Extra Curricular worked well.

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