SD Kristen Plus PENABUR Cirebon is one of BPK PENABUR Elementary schools.  SD Kristen Plus PENABUR Cirebon provides the students a good quality education in a Christian atmosphere.  All curriculum is geared to create the intellectuals based on Christian values.  SD Kristen Plus PENABUR Cirebon inspires and builds the young children to be the future leaders.  It does not try to put all students into a mold, but rather challenge their minds to search their innate abilities and aspirations, and to provide opportunities for maximum development.  They are expected to broaden their horizons and open their eyes, hearts, and spirits towards the higher and nobler aspects of lives.

The learning method in this school is focused on the students themselves to be active, whereby the subject of the learning process taught that is to be able to find and elaborate problems, or in other words we stress on problem solving.  Throughout their studies in this school, they would be trained to be innovative and creative.

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