TKK PLUS PENABUR was established in May 2005 by Badan Pendidikan Kristen PENABUR. The school was first built on Jalan Pemuda No.39 Cirebon. Then, in July 2007, TKK PLUS PENABUR moved to Jln. Pemuda No.61 Cirebon- a relatively more spacious location that unravels well-tended and pleasing greenery.


Considering the new era of globalization in which children need not only to acquire good education but also to develop and strengthen their character & faith, TKK PLUS PENABUR has developed a Preschool curriculum that is based on Christian values, practical experiences (such as doing science experiments), fun learning and  4C competencies (critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity). English is the primary medium of instruction that is used in school. This increases the students’ opportunity to learn, and eventually acquire the language as they use English in their daily conversations with their teachers and friends. More so, Mandarin is offered at school as a complement to achieving the school’s mission to develop global learners.


Praise be to God Almighty, TKK Plus was awarded with a score of “A”, the highest result a school can obtain during accreditation, by  Badan Akreditasi Nasional PAUD   when it sought accreditation in 2019.


TKK PLUS PENABUR Cirebon continues to innovate and strive for excellence to make the school a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment for children to grow up in during their golden age.

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