Chinese Festival 2022

ACTIVITY - 03 February 2022
Chinese Festival 2022


CIREBON, TKK PLUS- Hello friends, last 3rd February PP, PG, and K1 students celebrated Chinese New Year with presentations shown to their friends and parents. PP and PG students brought presentations with the theme "I Love My Family". The activities were filled with singing, dancing, making lanterns with their parents, giving angpao, and a tea ceremony for PG students. PP and PG students seemed very enthusiastic to present their presentations. Great job PP and PG students!

K1 students gave a presentation with the theme "My Face". They mentioned the parts of the face in Mandarin. Wow! The activities are also interesting. They sing, dance, and do art and craft together with their parents. The activity continued with a tea ceremony and giving angpao. After practicing for a few weeks, they were able to present an excellent presentation. Well done K1 students!

Meanwhile, K2 class presentation was held on February 4th with the theme "My Favorite Toy". K2 students were very excited when they presented their favorite toys. Great performance K2 student! The activities held were singing, singing, tea ceremonies, and giving angpao. Not only that, but they also made tiger headbands to improve their creativity. Wow, so much fun.

This presentation helps TKK Plus students build their confidence, increase their vocabulary and Mandarin language skills, and build bonds between students and parents. All of the students give their best, they present a wonderful presentation.

Thank you to parents who have supported this event. See you at the Mandarin presentation next year. God bless you.

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