2nd winner of Category B EF Spelling Bee Regional

News - 03 November 2019

Established in 1965, EF has been recognised as an expert in the world in international education for over 50 years with schools around the world. EF has been specializing in the development of new teaching systems and teaching methods to help students master English more effectively and build confidence to speak English.

EF Spelling Bee Contest has become annual venue that gather all EF’s students and non-students to compete in spelling bee.  This event began with regional competitions in each city and then continued to the national level.

On Sunday, November 3rd 2019, our students have joined EF Spelling Bee Regional Competition that was held at EF Banda, Bandung. They had practiced everyday with some teachers for about 2 weeks. For some of them this was their first experience to join EF’s competition. They said it was their chance to prove their skills in English and to see how far they could go.

The hard work paid off, they were not afraid to compete with 300 students and did their best. The great thing is, one of our students Kireina Veika Aidia Angel, a student from 4th grade Plus became a 2nd winner of Category B EF Spelling Bee Regional. For the next round, she will go to Jakarta for the national level competition at Nov 14th 2019.

We are really proud of our students. Hopefully, Aidia can achieve her best at the national level competition. For other students, let this event make them proud of themselves and improve their English skill in the future.
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