An Early Financial Education

Students - 06 June 2020

In Indonesia, education is still quite bad compared to other countries. Our school system has not been improved yet. In this text, I will show you why school should have an early financial education.

First of all, with financial education, student knows the basics of money. They know how money comes and goes, what is selling and buying, they know the difference between assets and liabilities, they will also know their needs. They can divide their needs into the most important one, and the not so important one. By learning financial education early, they can differentiate needs and wants. Kids understand expenses and income and how do they work.

Then after kids know the basics of money, they will get the second benefit, which is students know how to manage money. Manage money may be a simple and underrated task but believe it or not it is so important to our daily lives.
There was once a saying that says we get rich not because how we not produce money, but how we manage our money, and that’s kinda true. We see all those athletes with high salary ended up at the washing cars at the nearest car wash. That’s because those athletes don’t know how to manage their money well. That’s why the skill to manage money early is so important for our daily lives. With early financial education, they know how to accounting and know what transactions that they had done. By that, they can manage the input and output of their money.

After they enhance their skills of managing money, they can produce their own money themselves. They know where does their money come and goes, and can think of a solution of how to make their own money. They even can make money work for them, if they know the trick. And by producing money frequently, they can be successful in the future.

In conclusion, having an early financial education is very important for being successful in the future, because you can have the skills to manage money, produce money, and knowing the basics of money.

Written by Hansen / XI MIPA-4



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An Early Financial Education

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